Top Ten Scents - August 2019

20 Jul

Every 20th of the month we scour the web to choose the top 10 fragrances for men and women for the month. These rankings are based on sales and ad data from the top shopping sites. This list is based on what people are searching for and buying. Please join the conversation and share your predictions for the Top Ten Scent List.

Fragrances Designed for Women


Bright Crystal

Cool Water

Light Blue

Black Orchid

Princess Curve 

White Diamonds

Pacifica Himalayan Patchouli Berry

Pacifica French Lilac

Good Girl

Fragrances Designed for Men

Cool Water

212 Sexy

Tommy for Men

CK - One


Jovan Musk

Dior Sauvage

Amouage Silver Man


Very Sexy for Men

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