Smell your way success

About ME!
My name is Nikki and I am the creative mind(or nose) behind Click Scent.
I love to smell things; especially perfume, candles, incense -- anything.
In 2012 I started selling perfume body oils on eBay under the name TopBodyOils. I love fragrances and perfumes but didn't like (read couldn't afford) the prices of my favorite scents. So I started looking for duplications of my favorite scents.
Its all a part of my philosophy, I call it living that fragrant life. Life is only as good as it smells. From food to clothing to love.
Fragrance is what gets me going in the morning from coffee or herbal tea to what fragrances I decide to wear for the day.
Check out the store. I hope you love it as much as I do. Also, you can follow me on social media or my blog.

About YOU!
You SMELL everything before you put it on your body.
Your dresser is filled with over 50 perfumes.
You have an array of candles somewhere in your home and back-ups in your drawers.
You sleep with lavender in your diffuser.
When you see a flower on t-shirt, you must own it.

Fragrance is life.

Perfume Oils,  Aromatherapy, Body Lotion - Everything you need for living that fragrant life.